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  • Updated October 29 at 10:14

    Source: Croatian Institute of public health
  • Cases
    CRO: 43.775
    World: 44.789.859
  • Cured
    CRO: 29.233
    World: 32.741.484
  • Deceased
    CRO: 511
    World: 1.179.466

Latest news

Recommendations for zoos, national parks and nature parks In order to prevent the spread of infection when visiting zoos, national parks and nature parks, it is necessary to ensure physical distancing among visitors, as well as between visitors and employees, and adhere to the following measures. 10.05.2020. 10:44
Recommendations for hospitality facilitiesDuring stays in hospitality facilities, with and without terraces, as well as hospitality facilities located within accommodation facilities, it is necessary to ensure physical distance between visitors, as well as between visitors and employees. 09.05.2020. 13:35
What is self-isolation and how to carry it outCurrently, self-isolation measures are assigned to more than 10,000 people in Croatia. Carefully read and follow the instructions on self-isolation to protect yourself and others. 24.03.2020. 21:00
Quarantine and self-isolation for drivers of freight vehiclesControlled movement and stay of freight vehicle drivers in international transport can be secured with a driver employer or within municipal headquarters organized by the Crisis headquarter. 20.03.2020. 11:47
Covid-19 - about the diseaseHow to identify the symptoms and what to do if you suspect infection with new coronavirus. 19.03.2020. 17:01