Decision on Quarantine and Self-Isolation of International Transport Drivers

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The Government has decided to liberalize measures for international transport drivers. As of March 26, all Croatian and foreign citizens with the residence in Croatia, who work as international transport drivers can now use home isolation in their own homes, following self-isolation measures, instead of being in quarantines organized either by their cargo company or the civil protecion authority.

They are allowed to stay at home between two engagements in the international transport. If by any chance, they notice any symptoms of the disease, they must contact their doctor.
The drivers with no conditions for home isolation can still use quarantines, organized by their cargo company and approved by the regional Civil Protection Authority or if the company has not organized the Quarantine, than they can stay in the Quarantine Headquarters organized by the regional Civil Protection Authority.
Those who stay in Croatian quarantines for less than 24 hours are required to spend their daily free time in their truck driver's cabins at the parking lots of the cargo company or the Quarantine Headquarters.