Extended weekend: Traffic at the borders of the Republic of Croatia

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At the beginning of the first extended weekend after the relaxation of epidemiological measures, 112023 applications have been received via the Enter Croatia system so far for 235035 persons who, in addition to meeting the prescribed conditions, have already entered or announced their entry into the Republic of Croatia.

We remind the citizens of the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Austria, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Slovenia, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Slovak Republic, who do not have to prove the reason for entering the Republic of Croatia to use the possibility of announcing themselves on Enter Croatia to avoid longer waits at the border and to keep border checks as short as possible.

According to records, 104.782 people entered the Republic of Croatia by 1 pm today in 24-hour period; 55.319 citizens of the Republic of Croatia and 49.463 foreigners which is 30% more than the day before.

On 10 June, the day before, a total of 80.808 passengers entered Croatia (44.158 citizens of the Republic of Croatia and 36.650 foreigners).

Slovenes have 16.668 arrivals to Croatia, Austrians 9488 and Germans 8239.

We remind all drivers who entered the Republic of Croatia to drive responsibly and comply with traffic regulations and to monitor road information and road conditions via the mobile application of the Croatian Automobile Club.

Let us remain responsible guests and responsible hosts.