Recommendations during professional artistic performances, cultural programs and events

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General recommendations

Visible notices
A notification of the obligation to adhere to general hygiene and physical distancing measures must be placed in a visible location at the entrance to the premises or immediately after in accordance with the recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Enhanced personal hygiene
Touching the face, mouth, nose and eyes with your hands should be avoided.

Hand disinfection
A hand disinfection dispenser and a clearly visible notice of mandatory hand disinfection must be provided for the visitors, performers and staff at the entrance and inside the venue in an easily accessible place. A disinfectant dispenser (e.g. 70% alcohol base or some other disinfectant agent registered as an antiseptic which can be applied on human skin). The staff should make sure to refill the dispenser with new quantities of disinfectant in a timely manner so that it never runs out.

Physical distancing
For the entire duration of the stay in the premises, including arrival and departure, it is recommended to maintain a physical distance between people (audience, performers and staff) of 1.5 meters. The distance of 2 meters is recommended between, and from, singers and musicians playing wind instruments. A 4-meter distance is recommended between the audience and performers on the stage.

When coughing and sneezing the mouth and nose should be covered with the elbow or tissue paper, which should then be discarded in a lidded waste bin, and the hands should be disinfected afterwards. When coughing and sneezing, turn your face away from other people.

Glasses, as well as other dishes and items, should not be shared with other people.

Face mask
The use of face masks is recommended when entering, staying or leaving the premises, with the exception of performers while they are performing. Instructions on the proper use of face masks are available here
Daily measurement of body temperature
Before coming to work and performing, the staff and performers need to measure their body temperature. If the body temperature is higher than 37.2°C, if the person feels sick or has any signs of the diseases (refers to all symptoms and signs of the disease, not just respiratory diseases), he should contact his superior and not come to work until he calls his family physician. All visitors are advised to measure their body temperature before leaving the house and to cancel their arrival in the event of elevated body temperature or if they are exhibiting any symptoms of the disease.

Record keeping
It is recommended to keep records on persons who are participating in each performance (performers and other staff) in order to facilitate the tracking of contacts in the event of a potential SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, which entails the collection of basic details: name, surname, date of birth and telephone number.

Holding indoor and outdoor professional art performances, cultural programs and events

Outdoor performances and programs
It is recommended, if possible, to organize outdoor artistic performances, cultural programs and events.

Marking seating and standing spaces
It is recommended to mark all seating and standing spaces in advance so they are at least 1.5 meters apart, and limit the entrance to as many visitors as there are marked spaces. It is recommended to use only seats in an indoor venue.

Restriction of the total number of visitors
The maximum number of visitors allowed at the same time in indoor and outdoor areas, while observing the recommended physical distance of 1.5 meters among visitors, will be determined by the organizer in accordance with the size of the area and type of event. If there is need for further clarification, or if organizing an event which involves a large number of participants, the organizer will request approval from the Ministry responsible for culture, which will consult the Croatian Institute of Public

All events, as well as the planned number of participants, will depend on the current epidemiological situation.

Entry/exit order
It is recommended that the visitors enter one by one, so that the first visitor takes up the farthest place in the auditorium in relation to the entrance, and so on.  It is recommended that visitors maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters when entering, moving and leaving. It is recommended that the exit of visitors is organized so that they leave one by one, in such a way that the visitor closest to the exit leaves first. Visitors should be reminded to maintain physical distance even after the show has ended, to not congregate in groups and avoid close contact with each other. It is recommended to regulate the exit of performs while adhering to physical distancing measures, it is best to do it separately, one by one, and by avoiding contact with the audience.

It is recommended to hold performances in accordance to the records and with listed performers and staff. It is recommended to avoid physical contact, and concerning performances where physical distancing is not possible, it is recommended that the performance is done by the same people every time. After the performance is over, the used equipment as well as all the other gear has to be disinfected. After the performance, it is recommended that the performers change their clothes and shower as quickly as possible while observing the physical distancing measures. It is recommended to shower at home whenever possible.

Selling and canceling ticket
It is recommended to enable and encourage online sale of tickets which will be used by the visitors to directly enter the premises. In the event that there is a need for cash registers and the sale of physical tickets, it is recommended for a protective barrier to be installed between the cashier and visitors, and to provide contactless payment. Cashiers and ushers are advised to wear face masks and gloves.

Selling and serving food and beverages
Recommendations for preventing infections in hospitality facilities with and without terraces, as well as hospitality facilities within accommodation facilities, as part of the gradual easing of restrictions related to COVID-19.

Maximum protection of visitors and employees
When interacting with visitors, the staff should wear a face masks which covers the nose and mouth. The staff should always have a disinfectant available with which they can regularly disinfect their hands.

Enhanced sanitation of the premises

Ventilation of premises
It is recommended to air the premises at least twice a day for a minimum of half an hour before and after the program or, if possible, to leave a window open. Pursuant to the epidemiological situation, it is currently recommended that the standard air conditioning units should not be used and for the premises to be naturally ventilated whenever possible.

Size of the premises
The organization of performances, programs and events is possible only in premises which can meet the technical and safety requirements of observing the physical distance of 1.5 meters, or 2 meters for wind instrument players and singers, and 4 meters between the audience and performer on stage.

Cleaning the premises
It is essential to disinfect high-touch areas such as door knobs, window handles, work surfaces, grab rails, faucets, toilet flush buttons, switches, door bells, elevator buttons and other contact surfaces which are used by a large number of people, before and at the end of each performance and program, and at least twice a day. When scheduling, it is necessary to ensure sufficient time for the entry and exit of visitors and performers, and in the event of two back-to-back events, ensure sufficient time for the disinfection of the premises.

Cleaning and disinfection instructions: 
  • No COVID-19 patients - here.
  • Persons who are suspected to have or who have COVID-19 - here

Multiplex cinemas
These recommendations do not refer to multiplex cinemas located in shopping malls.