Recommendations during tourist entertainer activities and programs

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Recommendations relate to the tourist entertainment activity in order to protect employees and tourists, and they encompass all segments of the profession and areas of activity (working with children, fitness, entertainment, dancing, sports, etc.), individually or in smaller groups.

General recommendations 

Enhanced personal hygiene
Touching your mouth, nose, eyes and face with your hands should be avoided.
Hand hygiene
Before and after each activity, all present participants as well as entertainers should disinfect their hands. Hand disinfection should be performed at regular intervals in the event of long-lasting activities. Dispensers containing a disinfectant based on 70% ethanol, or some other agent which is safe on skin with declared virucidal properties pursuant to manufacturer’s instructions, should be provided at the entrance and in a few easily accessible places inside for hand disinfection.
Physical distancing
It is recommended to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters during the entire activity, which includes arrival, preparation and departure. Distance implies the distance among all present entertainers and participants. If the activity calls for an increased level of movement by the participants, or in the event of a sports activity (e.g. a tournament), it is necessary to define the number of people present according to the floor area criterion (1 person per 10 m2 indoors, i.e. 1 person per 2.5 m2 outdoors).
Approximately 1 to 2 ml of disinfectant should be applied to dry and clean palms (usually one pump, or according to manufacturer’s instructions). Palms and the area between the fingers need to be rubbed until they are dry; there is no need to rinse the agent. It is necessary to keep track of the hand disinfectant usage, and immediately notify the responsible person in the event that the disinfectant quantity in the dispenser is running low so that it can be replaced.

When coughing and sneezing, the mouth and nose should be covered with an elbow or tissue paper, which should then be discarded in a lidded waste bin, and the hands should be disinfected or washed. When coughing and sneezing, turn your face away from other people.
Glasses, as well as other dishes and items, should not be shared with other people.
Face mask
The wearing of a protective face mask which covers the mouth and nose is recommended during the entry, stay and departure from the premises, apart from during the performance and with regards to those entertainers who cannot perform and rehearse while wearing a face mask.  Instructions for the proper use of face masks are available at the following link.
Daily measurement of body temperature
The entertainers should measure their body temperature before coming to rehearsal or activity. If the body temperature is higher than 37.2°C in the morning, if the person feels sick or exhibits any signs of the diseases (refers to all symptoms and signs of the disease, not just respiratory diseases), he should contact his superior and not come to work until he calls the competent family physician.
Record keeping
Record keeping system will be established for each rehearsal and activity (data on the entertainer, tour guide and possibly other involved people necessary for the activity, and location) in order to facilitate the subsequent epidemiological tracking of contacts in the event of a SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.  If possible, it is recommended to also keep track of the guests who are participating in the activities, which should be accompanied with the name, surname and telephone number.

Specific recommendations for entertainers 

Duration of indoor activities
Rehearsals and activities have to organized in such a manner that their duration is kept as short as possible in order to ensure physical distancing between the entertainer and the staff, as well as the enhanced personal hygiene and sanitation of the premises. If going to activities and returning from activities involves public transport, it is necessary to adhere to appropriate measures.
Rehearsals and activities may only be held in accordance with the schedule and with specific entertainers and tour guides, with the possibility of additional staff being present, as listed in the schedule.
Outdoor activities
If possible, it is recommended that outdoor activities are carried out in an open space while maintaining physical distancing of 1.5 meters.
Equipment disinfection
After the activity is over, all of the used props and other equipment has to be disinfected. The same applies to all equipment (sports, art, and recreational equipment). Scheduling It is recommended to avoid physical contact, and it is also recommended to use the same people for rehearsals and activities during which it is impossible to maintain physical distancing.
Changing clothes and showering
It is recommended that entertainers change their clothes and take showers at their accommodation.
Sports segment
Activities such as morning gymnastics, aerobics, various sports tournaments (basketball, football, table tennis, beach volleyball, tennis), bicycle tours, swimming pool activities are to be carried out in accordance with the currently valid Recommendations for the operation of swimming pools and water parks during the COVID-19 epidemic, Recommendations for training, sports and recreational activities in indoor sports facilities and the Recommendation for training, practice matches, sports and recreational activities in outdoor sport facilities during the COVID-19 epidemic, which are available at the CIPH’s website. 
Working with children and the elderly
Special attention should be given to maintaining physical distancing during children group activities which involve various creative and educational content or games (for example, treasure hunt or “Jeux sans frontières” ("Games without Borders" in French). The same is also applied to programs involving people older than 60 years of age, in order to reduce the possibility of disease transmission among vulnerable groups as much as possible.
Evening programs
When organizing programs, e.g.  beauty pageants, it is necessary to adhere to the Recommendation for the prevention of COVID-19 infection during cultural programs and events, which is available at the CIPH’s website.
Due to the increased risk of airborne transmission of the pathogen while singing, it is recommended that singers maintain a 4 m distance between themselves, as well as between themselves and other participants.

Enhanced hygiene of the premises

Ventilation of confined spaces
It is recommended to ventilate the space at least twice per day for at least half an hour, before and after rehearsal or activity or, if possible, to leave a window open during the activity.

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation units
The general recommendation is to ventilate confined spaces by opening windows, and refrain from using ventilation systems. When using ventilation systems, special attention should be given to the condition of the filters and maintaining the correct indoor air exchange rate. The proper functioning of the ventilation and air exchange equipment should be checked. It is recommended to ventilate with an increased percentage of external air circulating into the system, and not use recirculation mode in order to encourage the exchange of air which reduces the concentration of potentially infectious particles.
Cleaning the premises
It is essential to disinfect high-touch areas such as door knobs, window handles, work surfaces, grab rails, faucets, toilet flush buttons, switches, door bells, elevator buttons and other contact surfaces which are used by a large number of people, before and at the end of each rehearsal, and at least twice a day.

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